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>> stay with us for "good morning america." have a wonderful tuesday. making news in america this morning -- one year later. a look back at the destruction and recovery after superstorm sandy. bold and brazen. a little girl snatched from her bedroom in the early morning hours. how the victim's bravery likely saved her life. one man proves that lightning really can strike twice. >> i was on my knees. it hit me again. >> this morning, he's telling a remarkable survival story. and no fear. a man rides what could be the biggest wave ever surfed. good tuesday morning, everyone.
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we begin a full year of recovery after the storm. >> sandy slammed into the eastern seaboard one year ago today. affecting the lives of millions of people. >> take a look at these before and after pictures. this one shows a battered road in seaside heights, new jersey. a different scene a year ago. >> and this one, one of the more iconic images, a rollercoaster in the atlantic. that ride, now gone. >> the sand filled the streets of cape may, new jersey. you can see it nearly came to the top of that street sign. >> and damaged homes, including these at ortley beach. that's where abc's tahman bradley is live for us. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, diana. good morning, john. here at ortley beach, they're still rebuilding. this boardwalk here is new. and the sand behind me, brought in to protect buildings from rising water. all along the east coast, there's a lot of signs of progress. but a lot left to do. one year after sandy's fury, on
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the east coast, recovery. and the sea port is open for business, after the storm shut down 75% of the businesses. the storm shut down 85% of the businesses. on long beach, new york, there's a new 2.2-mile boardwalk, made of hardwood and concrete. it's supposed to survive the next storm. >> we made progress over the last year. but that means nothing if you're not one of the people back in their home. >> reporter: many are still rebuilding. still suffering. sandy caused $65 billion in property damage. new rules put in place after hurricane katrina to prevent waste and fraud have slowed the flow of funds. residents like patrick, say they're frustrated by paperwork and red tape. >> fill out paperwork. and submit this. submit that. and by the end, they just tell you, you don't qualify for whatever reason. >> reporter: the storm destroyed
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christine's new jersey home in beach haven west. she's building a new one. but the $140,000 insurance payout doesn't cover the cost of construction. she and her husband are making tough choices. >> we're using savings and retirement. >> reporter: today, through vigils and memorials, residents will remember the sandy victims. at least 181 people were killed in the u.s. pat lost her husband and daughter. >> small steps. we've gotten to this point so far. >> reporter: later this morning, new jersey governor chris christie will attend a statewide prayer service. and here along the jersey shore, people will shine flashlights. their message, light over the darkness sandy brought. john and diana? >> abc's tahman bradley live for us at the jersey shore in ortley beach. thank you. now, to new development in the nsa spy controversy. the head of the senate intelligence committee is calling for a top-to-bottom review of spy operations, following the bombshell revelation of the nsa spying on top world leaders.
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president obama is also speaking out about the controversy in an exclusive interview with abc news partner, fusion. >> how is it you didn't know about the cell phones being looked at or listened to? and why didn't you know? and who should have told you? >> jim, as i said, i'm not here to talk about classified information. what i am confirming is the fact that we're undergoing a complete review of how our intelligence operates outside of the country. >> there are reports this morning that the administration is ready to ban spying on all leaders of our allies. and spain is now the latest country to accuse the u.s. of monitoring its citizens. and the white house also is scrambling to smooth out the website. in an interview with jim avila, the president admitted they didn't have the luxury of more testing time before launching the website on october 1st. people without insurance will now be granted an extension until march 31st to enroll because of those glitches. and new this morning,
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hackers have targeted the president's twitter and facebook groups. the hackers changed a link in his twitter account. but they did not gain access to that account. happening right now, police in aurora, colorado, are trying to track down a man who snatched a little girl out of her bedroom window. this happened sunday. the girl did not go quietly. she screamed for help. and she managed to get away from the kidnapper. >> she put up quite a fuss. calling for her father, struggling. and somehow, she managed to escape from the abductor. >> after hearing her screams, the girl's father ran outside to find a man running from the alley. he was said to be taking off in a silver bmw when the little girl ran back to the house. police are offering a $10,000 reward. two of the four oklahoma inmates who made a daring escape through a prison bathroom have been recaptured. the men were arrested at a convenient store yesterday, less than 20 miles from the jail. the search continues this
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morning for the two other fugitives. the inmates unscrewed a metal plate in the shower ceiling, hoisted themselves up a tiny crawl space. then, followed the jail's plumbing system to the ground floor. and out they were. a federal judge in texas has struck down a major part of the state's restrictive new abortion law that was to take effect today. the texas attorney general immediately followed an appeal. he expects this case to end up before the u.s. supreme court. former congressman jesse jackson jr. is spending his first night in prison, the start of a 2 1/2-year sentence. jackson reported to federal prison in butler, north carolina. the chicago-area democrat was convicted of spending $750,000 in campaign funds for his own personal use. according to a list from his lawyer, jackson is expecting many visitors, including louis farrakhan. penn state still faces six claims in connection with the jerry sandusky sexual abuse case. that's after the school announced settlements with 26 young men. they will be paid nearly $60 million.
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the former penn state assistant football coach pursuing appeals of the sex abuse convictions that have basically landed him in prison for life. of the six outstanding claims, penn state believes some don't have merit. and other may produce settlements, as well. across the pond, folks in northern europe are cleaning up after a monster storm. >> that storm named for st. jude, left a trail of devastation, from britain to germany, killing more than a dozen people and leaving hundreds of thousands in the dark. winds reached 120 miles per hour, uprooted hundreds of trees. and even closed germany's famed autobonn. here at home, clear and dry for much of the eastern u.s. there will be scattered showers and thunderstorms blanketing much of the nation's midsection with snow. that could accumulate across a broad section of the west. >> highs, today, in the northeast, only in the 40s and 50s. warming in the 80s for the deep south. it will be cold in the midwest. temperatures in the west will be 10 to 25 degrees below normal. a quick check on last
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night's world series game, now. boston and st. louis, were tied 1-1, last night when david ross hit a ground rule double to left. that scored the go-ahead run. >> sox tacked on another one. and that was enough. boston wins 3-1. they now lead the series 3-2. the full highlights coming up later. and get ready to pay 6 bucks for a gallon of milk. ahead, why washington is to blame. who said lightning never strikes twice? this morning, a man is talking about how it happened to him. when drop and give me 20 isn't enough. troops having a hard time passing the fat test. they're taking drastic measures to get by.
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one of america's best-selling cars seems to have fallen from grace according to one standard. "consumer reports" has pulled its recommendation from three vehicles by toyota, including the camry sedan. also dropped from recommendation lists there, the prius model and the rav 4. good news for everyone. it's costing less to fill up our gas tank. the average price of a gallon of gas is $3.29. and that's down 7 cents from a week ago. the gas is 27 cents a gallon cheaper than this time last year. and the price of milk could double next year, hitting $6 or more a gallon. that's if congress does not resolve its battle over the farm bill, which includes cutting the food stamp program. with no deal, the subsidies would expire and drive up prices january 1st. airfares soaring, as well,
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especially if you plan to travel this thanksgiving. prices are still going up. it's not too late to find a bargain. they suggest comparing prices and looking at a variety of airlines. meantime, you're getting a lot less real estate for that more expensive plane ticket. as airlines are trying to squeeze more seats on each plane. airbus says airplane sheets should be no smaller than 18 inches, which is still 8 inches smaller than seats in movie theaters. when we come back, free again. troubled singer chris brown is out of jail. why he was able to walk after being accused of assault. hit the deck. a marlin turns the tables on a couple of fishermen. and it's all caught on camera. louis never smiles. why won't he smile? [ laughs ]
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high winds in parts of california, powerful enough to knock over several big rigs on interstate 580 in tracy. luckily, no one was reported hurt. but all of that wind kicked dust in the air. wind speeds as powerful as a category 1 hurricane. and checking out your morning road conditions elsewhere, showers and thunderstorms will create rain-slicked roads in much of the nation's midsection. and snow accumulation farther west could make roads treacherous in higher elevations. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in kansas city, dallas and minneapolis. and now to an amazing story. a man from texas has been given a second chance at life after being struck by lightning twice over the weekend. >> casey wagner was attending an offroading event when a storm rolled in. the first lightning strike came as he was standing under a tree, waiting for a friend.
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>> what i remember is, just a loud boom. it dropped me to my knees. when i was going to my knees, it hit me again. when i got hit, two, big old flashes and sparks went everywhere. >> wagner suffered minor injuries. he says he has tingling sensations throughout his entire body. his doctors are telling him those will go away in the next few days. >> wow. the defense has opened its case in the trial accused in the murder of former redskins player sean taylor. at the center of eric rivera's defense, is a videotaped confession he gave police after taylor was killed six years ago. rivera's attorneys say the confession was coerced by detectives. prosecutors claim he voluntarily agreed to questioning. rivera faces life in prison if he's convicted. chris brown has been freed from jail after charges against him were reduced to a misdemeanor. a d.c. judge ordered brown to see his probation officer within 48 hours and to stay away from the man who accused the singer of assault. brown must return to d.c. for a
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court hearing at the end of november. now, a consumer alert. expanding a recall of potato, tuna, pasta and egg salads, among others. the packaged salads could contain listeria and could cause illnesses. the products are sold under reser's and a variety of brand names. troops are turning to surgery to help them make the cut. soldiers and marines are getting liposuction just to pass the pentagon's body fat test. those who fail must undergo an intense exercise and nutrition program or they may be kicked out of the military altogether. the tape test involves measuring the waist and neck. but some fitness experts say it's not accurate. >> despite taking someone's measurement doesn't account for body fat. it doesn't account for somebody's fitness level. >> the defense department says most people who fail the tape test do not perform well on physical fitness tests. even though the military doesn't condone liposuction, the
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procedure is not banned. meantime, lean and mean. the newest edition of the navy, easing out of dry dock yesterday without fanfare. the "zumwalt" will require half of the usual crew of sailors. let's do some sports. the nba season officially opening tonight. and in baseball, it is now a must-win for the cardinals when they head to boston in game six of the world series. >> here's neil and stan with all of the highlights of last night's game. >> good morning, america. stan verrett. neil everett. we're at the "sportscenter" desk of the espn studios. right here, right now. >> here in los angeles. most of the action was in st. louis on monday night. david ross. that's going to be trouble if it stays fair. it does. into the stands for a ground rule double. a run scores. sox go up 2-1. koji uehara pitching now. holliday will line out. sox win it 3-1.
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uehara gets the four-out save. lester's second win of the series. game six, wednesday from boston. michael wacha and john lackey. stan got tickets to the cardinals. i got tickets to the rams. here's how the rams almost did it here. this is the final play of the game. a touchdown wins it. kellen clemens. seattle, holds on. wins it. 14-9. >> listen, i'm not vince lombardi. but i was begging for a bootleg there. i think he walks in on a bootleg. then again, i'm sitting here at the desk, with a tie on. >> and a lot of makeup. >> had to point that out. >> oh, yeah. something of a reversal of rules in this next story. that's why it's our "play of the day." this happened on a deep sea fishing trip. >> the guy in the seat has a big marlin on the line. as it's jumping out of the water, you can tell, it's in no mood to be caught. >> the marlin jumps into the boat. that crew member, trying to get away. forced to jump in the water. one more time. whoa.
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>> that is crazy. >> i love how we do these stories and talk about the people in the boat. what about that poor marlin? he can't breathe. he's dying. and we're worried about the guy in the water. >> man, oh, man. up next, "the pulse." another hilarious kid costume going viral. you have to see this one. and hang ten. a look at what's being called the biggest wave ever surfed. or tripping the light fantastic... find your balance™. balance bar dark chocolate crunch has 40-30-30 balanced nutrition to give you energy that lasts.
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it walks you through different degree possibilities and even lets you explore local job market conditions, helping you map a clear course from the job you want, back to you. go to and get started today. all right. topping your tuesday "pulse," some of the biggest waves ever surfed. >> yes. >> that storm in europe may have provided just the right conditions for a world record. watch as this surfer, carlos burle, rides down this mountain of a wave in portugal. said to be 100 feet or more. less than a year ago, an
4:23 am
american surfer set the big wave record on that same spot. 70 feet. yesterday's wave may have been bigger. significantly bigger. >> crazy. staying across the pond for this one. britain has crowned its youngest ever beauty queen. >> how young? she's barely eating solid food. 9-month-old ella oliver, entered into the miss sparkle u.k. pageant by her mother before she was born. >> she is following in the footsteps of her sister, jess, who takes the stage with full makeup, fake tan, press-on nails, the works. but their mom has drawn the line for little ella. saying, she's too young for that. a little treat for die-hard "star wars" fans. a blooper reel that's tucked away for more than 30 years. >> it shows princess leia and luke skywalker and company flubbing their lines. >> no. we have no weapons. >> you prefer another target, a military target, then name the -- name it, now.
4:24 am
>> ha, ha, ha. >> the 2 1/2-minute long clip features tongue-tied mark hamill. an editor stumbled on the bloopers while compiling footage for making a "star wars" production. pretty cool. >> back from 1977, a treat for all fans. and we know the best halloween costumes are timely ones. something ripped from the headlines or pop culture. >> how about this one from the world of sports. on the left is kansas city chiefs coach andy reid. on the left. on the right is 5-month-old graham, who has no idea he is getting so much publicity for his little andy reid costume. >> it's complete with the hat and the glasses and the imitation stache. >> i'm just amazed when people really pull off -- the parents really nailed it. poor, little fella. >> has a headset on. >> they're on the national news right now. that little guy. >> there's so much competition out there between the glow stick girl, and this little guy.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning at 4:28. thanks for joining us. >> first up we have a look at the both. a chance of rain today, mike? >> yes, we are seeing a little bit right now on live doppler 7 hd, around santa cruz, just to the north of watsonville headed to gilroy. this is moving due east and maybe they could build to 9 north to morgan hill and more to carmel. we are starting with clouds looking to the financial district. a stray, light hour is possible and mid-to-upper 50's along the coast and low 60's around the bay and low 60's midland. >> it is quite nice right now
4:29 am
with a solo pin -- spin intermediate in san jose before highway 85. otherwise it is road work with the connection to northbound 680 to 242 will be shut down until 5:30. the golden gate bridge is smooth. the san mateo bridge has haze and you can see the shot right now. it is slowing nicely to foster city. >> we have a possible price hike in soda or sugary drink bought if san francisco. today, a supervisor will introduce a bill slapping a tax on sugary drinks to battle oh boast. amy? >> good morning. imagine coming here to buy your soda and getting taxed for it. the idea is to tax two cents an
4:30 am
ounce, all sugar-sweetened beverages including sports energy drinks and sodas. the supervisor was motivated by the rising oh boast rate in -- obesity rate in the country. it is estimated this will bring in $31 million a year. >> we have taxed alcohol for a long-term. it is not out of the ordinary to tax products with negative side effects. california for food and beverage choice says and i quote, "such measures are unnecessary, wasteful distractions from serious policy-making." the idea is to introduce this to the board today and get it on the ballot

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